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Current Participants

Current Participants

The Seton House Program participants must

  • Engage in an educational program such as job-training and/or
  • Maintain employment (a minimum of 25 hours weekly to start with the expectation of full-time employment eventually)
  • Maintain sobriety (Seton House is a sober-living community.)
  • Meet with a Life Transformation Coach weekly as well as make progress on individual, self-directed SMART goals
  • Complete the Connections to Success personal and professional development class and graduate.
  • Keep the apartment clean and in livable, safe condition
  • Ensure that school-age children are enrolled in and attending school every day.
  • Meet the community, housing, and program expectations and understandings as listed in the Program and Housing agreements.

At Seton House, participants and guests must observe the quiet hours by city ordinance from 9 PM to 7 AM, and visitors are asked to leave by 9 PM. Guests are not welcome for social visits within the first 90 days of program participation, and program participants are asked to be home by 10 pm on weeknights Monday-Thursday.

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